Ready To Have A Healthy Lifestyle & Confidently Rock Your Busy, Working Mom Life Without The Mama Drama?

You’ve been constantly dieting, staying away from the carbs, tried EVERY pill and potion there is, tried every diet shake and even tried the gym a couple of times and still that baby weight just won’t go away!

You’ve followed the recipes, read every cook book, talked to a therapist, took two steps forward but fell three steps back and stuck to every meal plan that was given to you but still your life is overwhelmed, and your lifestyle doesn’t reflect your hard work.

If you are sick and tired of the low energy days, pills and potions and making unhealthy eating and lifestyle choices then you are in the right place.

Its time you stop spinning your wheels when it comes to simple, healthy eating and live a life free of restrictions and start creating results in your healthy lifestyle journey. 

It’s time for you FINALLY breakthrough those chains and walls and live the life you were destined to live. 

This is the place to be if you want: One-on-one support, healthy eating and lifestyle strategies specifically tailored to you and your needs, and execution steps to create the happy, healthy life you desire.

Want Coaching With Results?

This is it! This is for the Mama Bears who are committed to getting results in their life RIGHT NOW and living a life of true health and happiness.

You’ll get dedicated one-on-one support, that fits your busy, working mom lifestyle, create simple, quick, healthy meals, get off the pills and potions, and finally feel confident in yourself to lose that extra baby weight.

My goal is to help you create and execute steps that will ultimately create the happy, healthy life you desire.

It’s time for you to take your busy Mama Bear life to the next level of health and happiness.

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I Believe That You Can Heal The Body By Taking The Full Holistic Approach

My approach is simple.

My Food Pyramid, which was adapted from the USDA Pyramid, is meant to illustrate the more holistic approach. It includes nutrition but places more emphasis on the primary foods, including yourself, spirituality, career, physical activity and relationship.

Unlike the government’s pyramid or plate icon, my Pyramid is not meant to serve as an all-in-one, universally applicable tool; rather, it serves as a vague representation of the overall picture of nourishment.

Here are a FEW ways my approach differs from the government’s:

  • My pyramid does not require or emphasize dairy, which is a controversial food group / the government’s pyramid pushes dairy 2 to 3 times per day
  • My pyramid focuses on primary foods/the government’s pyramid does not address primary foods other than brief mention of physical activity
  • My pyramid promotes the consumption of more water, whole grains and vegetables, especially dark leafy greens /the government’s pyramid promotes the consumption of all foods (even though they don’t agree with your body) and that daily servings are met