A whisper in my ear changed everything…

My Branny

In 1991, at the age of 9, I lost my mom to a battle with Lupus. Because I didn’t know my father until my later teen years, I was raised by my grandmother who was single.  “Branny” (that’s what we call her) was an entrepreneur.

Let’s fast-forward 14 years later.

Following Branny’s example, I purchased a wellness spa in 2005. It was my first business and it was already established with a full staff and clients waiting to be served. I was only 23 years of age. At the time, I was a single mom of a baby girl who was 6 years old. If you do the math, you would know that I was a teen mom. All I can say is… But God!

I have always been an advocate of health and wellness but trying to balance a business, motherhood, eating healthy, and life in general was tough. It was so overwhelming that I had little time for my daughter or myself.

There was no time for home-cooked meals, and certainly not healthy ones.   Drive-Throughs just seemed to be the easiest way…but ultimately, my poor eating habits cost me more than just the price of a Happy Meal! I was exhausted and running on empty!

Things began to change when I enrolled in school to become a Certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach. It certainly changed my eating habits, but God wasn’t finished with my transition!

In September of 2012, I was dating this guy from the island of St. Thomas (now my husband). He surprised me for my 30th birthday and took me to this beautiful island. On the plane ride back, I heard a whisper in my ear.

“Sell your business” this voice said.

“Wait, What? That’s crazy” I responded.

“Sell your business” this voice said again.

The word of God came to me as I riding on this plane, and told me to step out on faith and sell my business!

HE had BIGGER plans for my life.

Even though this business had been good to me, I was stressed and out of touch with my daughter, our health, our relationships and worse…myself.  I knew selling the business was the right thing to do.

I hired a broker, and two months later, closed on the deal and I’ve never looked back.

That’s when So7 Health W/Toye was born.

Since then I have gotten married, had another wonderful little baby girl, and I am super excited about growing a happy, healthy family.

It is my desire to help other Mama Bears do so as well.

My only mission is to teach and inspire busy, working moms to eat and live healthy in the simplest way possible.

I want you to understand that you hold the power  to make the most out of your mommy life.

I believe that when women understand the power we hold, everything else will fall into place. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING!

This hunger inflames the mission of So7 Health W/Toye.