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Keller, Texas - Saturdays at 8:00 AM

Arlington, Texas - Saturdays at 10 AM

Burleson, Texas - Saturdays at 11:30 AM

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JumpFit W/Toye Cardio Classes

A New Fitness Kraze is Here & Has Everybody Talking!

JumpFit W/Toye Cardio Classes are fairly new to the DFW area. I am proud to be THE ONLY provider of these fitness classes in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. “JumpFit Kiks” are low impact rebound boots that were originally designed for joggers for impact protection.

The Impact Protection System reduces impact up to 80% on the knees, legs, and joints. I personally love JumpFit Kiks rebound boots because they are different, fun, build endurance and they challenge me outside me comfort zone.

Let’s think outside the box when it comes to our health and lifestyle and add a non-strenuous exercise element to your life with JumpFit Kiks!